Question: How old is Mordecai and Rigby?

The series revolves around the daily lives of two 23-year-old friends, Mordecai (a blue jay), and Rigby (a raccoon).

How old are Mordecai and Rigby at the end of regular show?

Now, in the finale, Rigby says that he knows theyll have their jobs for 6 more years. That places their age when they go into space at 29. Add in the fact that theyre in space for 3 years, and that puts their age when they return at 31.

How old is Pops regular show?

He was born sometime between 1879 and 1910, as revealed in Skips vs. Technology. However, it was also revealed by Mr. Maellard and Earl that he is just as old as the universe, perhaps even older due to the universe supposedly resetting each time he and Anti-Pops fought.

How old is Rigby and Eileen?

Eileen is a (unofficially) 23 year-old humanoid-looking mole. She is one of the main female characters of the series. She works at a coffee shop/bistro, and is Rigbys crush.

Who married Mordecai?

Stef Mordecai becomes a successful artist, marries a bat named Stef, and has three children with her.

Does Mordecai get married?

Mordecai later dates and marries Stef, and they have 3 children together (two boys and one girl).

Does Mordecai end up single?

Finally, at the end of the series, it is revealed that Mordecai and Margaret do not end up together. However, according to Matt Price, she and Mordecai are still friends, and they still keep up with each other.

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