Question: What was Spider-Mans last words?

However, as the Russo brothers revealed in an interview at New Yorks Four Seasons hotel one week after the films release, Spider-Mans death scene was always meant to be a tearjerker, with the lines I dont feel so good and his final words, Im sorry, written in the script.

What did Peter say when Tony died?

Its So Peter Parker That His Last Words to Tony Stark—Both Times—Were “Im Sorry”

What did Loki say before he died?

Before he dies, Classic Loki laughs deliriously and shouts, Glorious purpose! Considering hes about to die, the move seems odd, but its actually clearly rooted in Classic Lokis Marvel journey.

Why did Peter Parker say sorry in endgame?

In his dying moments, he apologises to Tony for failing him. This is a sincere sorry that comes from a son who feels he let his father down. Tony didnt even want Peter here in the first place.

What were black widows last words?

He will die alone, as will you. (Black Widow: Shes not alone.)

What was Tony Starks last words in endgame?

You did it, sir. On screen, Tom Holland adds Im sorry, Tony. After Peter leaves, Pepper Potts kneels down and says Hey. Tonys final spoken words on screen are a pained Hey, Pep. Pepper gets the update that Tonys life functions are critical.

What were Thanos last words?

Indeed, during the time heist, 2014 Thanos witnesses the death of his 2019 self and proclaims, “And that is destiny”, choosing to embrace this vision when 2014 Thanos travels into 2019, where his last words are: “I am inevitable.” In some ways, Thanos dies what we might call a very good death.

Is Loki actually dead?

Loki died a tragic death at the beginning of Avengers: Infinity War. Thanos broke his neck to kill him at the very start of the movie. It was a brutal moment that Loki fans will never forget.

Why is Loki so sad?

Loki and Thors relationship is entertaining and heartbreaking to witness. Lokis feeling of being an outsider his entire life grew into resentment for his brother. Lokis feelings were fickle, and his well-intentioned sacrifices, temporary, causing his brother pain over his multiple deaths.

Is Captain America Dead?

Is Steve Rogers Dead Or Alive? Given that Captain Americas age in Avengers: Endgame was revealed to be 112, it is not much of a stretch to believe that Steve Rogers would have passed on by now. But, Steve is gone.

Is Natasha in love with Hawkeye?

Were Hawkeye and Black Widow in love? While never explicitly stated in the films leading up to Avengers: Endgame, Natasha Romanoff and Clint Barton have a romantic connection in their relationship, though they couldnt consummate it for various reasons.

Who is Black Widows love interest in Avengers?

As her Red Room training progressed, Black Widow met Alexei Shostakov, a renowned Russian test pilot, whom the KGB had arranged for her to marry.

Who is richer Iron Man or Batman?

In the publications Fictional 15 article from 2013, Forbes ranked Tony Stark as the 4th wealthiest character in all of fiction. In total, his estimated $12.4 billion fortune outshines Bruce Waynes by $3.4 billion.

Why did Thanos call Wanda my child?

In Infinity War, after Scarlet Witch destroys the mind stone, Thanos calls her my child. Now this could just be another showcase of Thanoss gentler side as seen with Gamora, however I think that Thanos could be thinking of Wanda as his actual child. We know that Wandas powers come Lokis scepter, as thus, the

Is Loki in love with Sylvie?

After hes captured by the TVA, Lokis tasked with helping it track down a variant of himself — Sylvie, a female Loki hellbent on revenge against the Authority. After facing down an apocalypse together, the two fall in love, which has reality-shattering implications.

Who killed Loki?

Hiddleston apparently said farewell to the character in 2018s Avengers: Infinity War when the surviving Asgardians were attacked in space by Thanos, who choked Loki to death after an attempted double-cross.

Why did Loki cry in Loki?

Loki previously believed all his choices were his own, but that couldnt be further from the truth and his unshed tears are representative of the ways in which hes been used. Loki saw the outcomes of his life through the eyes of several variants.

Did Loki love Thor?

Thor and Lokis relationship later becomes complicated, marked by anger and confusion. Thor loves Loki and wished for him to return home so they could be a family again. However, he has become increasingly agitated with Loki, losing hope that he could be redeemed after he continues to try and subjugate innocent people.

Has Steve Rogers dead?

Bucky also mentions that the shield is the closest thing he has left to a family. With that, paired with the above that Bucky likely didnt just let Steve live out his days alone, means that Steve has passed and only his shield remains tethering Steve to the living.

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