Question: Are Adam and Shanley still friends?

At the same time, Adam was in the middle of his own on-again-off-again- crazy-again relationship. As a result, they were never on each others radar. Adam and Shanley dont share a romantic spark but acknowledge that the matchmakers got something right because they are now best friends who chat at least once a week.

Are Shanley and Adam still together?

Are Chris and Shanley still together? Sadly, no. According to Instagram, Shanley is living her best life in Los Angeles with boyfriend Cameron Porras.

What happened with Shanley and Chris?

Shanley and Chris stole the hearts of America but failed to remain committed to each other. As the reunion episode clarified, the “geography” killed their relationship. Due to the long distance between them, their romance eventually fizzled out.

What happened to Shanley from Are You the One?

According to In Touch Weekly, Shanley is now “living her best life” with current boyfriend Cameron Porras. From the looks of it, shes also quite the influencer on Instagram these days.

Is anyone from Are You the One Season 1 still together?

When the first season came to a close, matches included Adam and Shanley, Joey and Brittany, Ryan and Kayla, and Dillan and Coleysia, among others. Unfortunately, it looks like only two contestants who are still together today are Ethan and Amber.

Are Ethan and Olivia still married?

The two shared a long-distance relationship and courted for a while before Ethan proposed in November of 2017. The couple got married in October 2018, and much of their relationship has been featured on the TLC reality series.

Did any couples from Are you the one stay together?

And their biggest miss in the shows history is with Clinton and Uche, a no-match couple who has stayed together, in love, and strong ever since their season first aired. And if thats not great enough, the two got engaged in June of 2020!

Is Chris T and Paige still together?

Though Paige ultimately chose to divorce Chris on decision day, that turned out to not be the end of the relationship. When they appeared on the reunion show hosted by Kevin Frazier, they revealed the news everyone had feared: The couple decided to attend counseling to try for the hundredth time to fix their marriage.

Are Ethan and Amber still married?

But Amber and Ethan have proved us wrong, as not only did they get married, theyre still together now. Thank you for giving me my very own fairytale. In September 2014, months after the show aired on MTV, Ethan and Amber got married, and four months later, they welcomed their first child, daughter Scarlett.

Are Ethan and Amber still together 2021?

Ethan and Amber Diamond Scarlet, 3, helped the couple welcome little sister, Serena, this past June. Oh, and they are actually the only perfect match (meaning they were paired by the experts FYI) that are still together post-show.

Is Chris girlfriend really pregnant?

Apparently, the ex doesnt look pregnant at all. Plus as Mercedes was drinking alcohol, clearly the babys not inside her. Allegedly, Mercedes suffered from a miscarriage, according to Chris. Married at First Sight fans now wonder if he made the whole story up.

Is Paige pregnant on married at first sight?

However, others initially thought that he might have gotten Paige pregnant, as well as his ex-fiancee Mercedes. But since then, it has been confirmed that Paige on MAFS is not pregnant.

Is Amber and Ethan still together?

Out of eight seasons of Are You the One?, only nine couples have stayed together and Amber and Ethan remain the only match from Season 1, filmed seven years ago in Hawaii, that have stuck it through. The MTV stars have since shifted to a simplier way of life in Austin with their two daughters.

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