Question: Is Aparna single?

In an interview with Oprah Mag, Aparna revealed that shes still a single woman. She remains good friends with Jay, as well as two of her other dates, Dilip and Shekhar. “Were actually good friends,” she said. “Thats a positive experience that came out of the show.

Who does Pradhyuman end up with?

Pradhyuman Maloo, a 30-year-old jewellery designer from Mumbai, claimed on the show that he has rejected 150 marriage proposals. On the show, he met Rushali Rai, a model and an actor. However, they are no longer together. We had different paths in life and we respected that and moved ahead.

Is Akshay Indian matchmaking married?

Akshay Jakhete 25-year-old Akshay had the most traditional of the matchmaking processes outlined in the series. Although the show features his pre-engagement ceremony, he told the L.A. Times that the engagement was never finalized, and the two were never married.

Who is Rushali Rai Dating?

Pradhyuman Maloo Pradhyuman Maloo, a jewellery designer met Rushali Rai, a model after saying no to over 150 marriage proposals. The two clicked instantly when they met and bonded over their love for animals.

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