Question: Where is PUBG Lite server selection?

How do I select a server on PUBG Lite?

Step by step guide on how to change the server region in PUBG Mobile lite battle royale game:Step 1: From the Google Play Store download and install Turbo or any other VPN.Step 2: Then from the list of servers connect to the nearest server.Step 3: Open the game - PUBG Mobile Lite and login to your account.4 Jan 2021

How do I change servers on PUBG Mobile Lite?

This version is suitable for GM RAM & 3GB RAM android devices. This game is finished early as compared to PUBG MOBILE global version. PUBG Mobile has an option to change the server directly, but there is no option to do the same in PUBG Mobile Lite.

How do I choose a region in PUBG Lite?

How to change server region in PUBG Mobile Lite?Step 1: Download and install Turbo or any other VPN from Google Play Store. Step 2: Connect to your nearest server from the list of available servers. Step 3: Open PUBG Mobile Lite and login to your account. Step 4: Now you can play the game at lowest possible ping.3 Jun 2020

Which country server is best for PUBG Lite?

5 Best VPN for PUBG Mobile and Lite in 2021NordVPN - best overall VPN service, very fast servers for India.HMA VPN - cheapest VPN option by far.PureVPN - great VPN for mobile gaming globally.ExpressVPN - best business VPN, probably overkill for gaming.Surfshark - nothing special, but also a decent option.

How do I change servers on PUBG Lite without VPN?

##How to change server without VPN?:Just go to world Chat in the lobby.Click on the Second option (Flag).Now join battle royal with your desired server e.g EUROPE or ASIA, after joining just leave it to play as normal and enjoy!

Is PUBG Lite servers down?

Video game publisher Krafton has announced that it will be shutting down server support for PUBG Lite at the end of April 2021. The publisher shared the news via a new blog post on Wednesday, March 31. The servers termination will not affect PUBG Mobile.

How do I use PUBG Lite without VPN?

A Step-By-Step guide on How to Download PUBG Mobile Lite without VPN. Step2 – Search PUBG Mobile Lite and tap on the most prominent option. Step3– Install PUBG Mobile Lite and allow your device to install unknown resources from the web. After completing the process, you can enjoy PUBG Mobile Lite without VPN.

How do I change my PUBG VPN server?

How to Use VPN for Playing PUBG MobileFirst, you need to choose the VPN and visit the plans page.Select the desired plan as per your requirement.You have to provide your email ID. Now, install the VPN app on your smartphone.Once youre done, launch the app and sign in with your credentials.More items •Sep 3, 2020

Why PUBG Lite server is busy?

Cause: Actually, the reason behind this problem is that “Tencent” hasnt made the lite version available in all countries yet. So those users who try to play the lite version from the country where this game is not available yet, this error pops up.

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