Question: How do you tell if a girl has slept with alot of guys?

The only way to know if a girl has slept with a lot of guys in the past is to ask her. Oftentimes, a person will open up about their previous sexual experience to their current partner voluntarily.

How do you tell if she is promiscuous?

The 15 Red Flags Every Man Should Know#1 She cant stay at home. / Shes a party girl. #2 She has too many male friends. #3 She has tattoos or piercings on interior body parts. #4 Shes a (moderate to heavy) drinker. / She does recreational drugs. #5 Shes a man hater. / She tests you to see if youre man enough.More items •11 Jan 2018

How do you tell if girl wants to sleep with you?

Signs a Woman Wants to Sleep with You: Before Your Actual DateShe Texts You A Few Of Her Outfit Choices. The Roommate Situation. She Asks You How Far Away The Location is From Her/Your Place. She Asks You Suggestive Questions. She Wants To Finally Meet Your Dog. She Asks If You Live Alone.More items

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