Question: Who was Mary, Queen of Scots second husband?

What happened to Mary, Queen of Scots second husband?

What happened in 1567? Early in the morning of 10 February 1567, Kirk o Field house in Edinburgh was destroyed by an explosion. The partially clothed bodies of Lord Darnley, the second husband of Mary, Queen of Scots, and his servant were found in a nearby orchard, apparently strangled but unharmed by the explosion.

Who killed Marys second husband?

Henry Stuart Henry Stuart, known as Lord Darnley (1545/6โ€“1567), was the second husband of Mary, Queen of Scots and father of the future King James VI and I. Soon after the murder, Mary married Lord Bothwell, the chief suspect in the murder.

Who was Queen of Scots 2nd husband?

Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley This is a painting of Mary Queen of Scots (1542โ€“1587), and her second husband Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley (1545/46โ€“1567).

What killed Queen Elizabeth?

March 24, 1603 Elizabeth I of England/Date of death

Who does Mary in reign end up with?

Francis In the end, Mary ultimately chose Francis, knowing that he is her soulmate. As time went by, Marys marriage was greatly improving but she became distraught when she learned that Francis was dying. With not much time left, Mary helped Francis in preparing Charles to become the next King of France.

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