Question: What do Bosnian women look for in a man?

Do Bosnian women make good wives?

Beautiful, intelligent, and polite, Bosnian women are considered excellent wives and brilliant mothers. By practicing Islam, these ladies have managed to preserve natural meekness and traditional lifestyle. Learn how to attract a Bosnian woman, arrange an unforgettable first date, and make her fall for you.

Is Bosnia a capitalist?

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a small, open economy, dominated by services, which accounted for 55% of gross domestic product (GDP) in 2016, with a moderately developed industrial and manufacturing sector (23% and 12%, respectively), and a limited agricultural base (about 6% of GDP).

Is Bosnia socialist?

The Socialist Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina was renamed the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina on 8 April 1992, losing the adjective Socialist. It established a multi-party system and began moving toward a fully capitalist economic system.

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