Question: Do university students use dating apps?

Whether in search of a soul mate, a casual hookup, or simply as a way to alleviate boredom, the majority of college students admit to using dating apps. According to more than 91% of surveyed college students use dating apps.

Do university students use Tinder?

A spokesperson for Tinder said: “Tinder was first introduced on a college campus in 2012 and since then we are still very close to our core members, with more than half of our members aged between 18 to 25 years old. “The UK is the first country outside of the US to have access to the Tinder Uni feature.

How do students get Tinder?

To get started simply open Tinder whilst on your campus and you will see a screen saying “Youre invited to Tinder University.” Simply click on “lets do it” to activate the feature. Once you do so, it will prompt you to enter your official and valid student email address (one that ends in . edu).

Can you search by school on Tinder?

Now Tinder is making it even easier for college students to connect with other people on campus. Although Tinder is already hugely popular among college students, a new feature, Tinder U, lets you browse and swipe with fellow students at your school or a nearby school.

How does tinder verify your school?

Heres How It Works:Once youre on campus, log in to Tinder and give us your . edu email address.Then check your email and tap the verification button.Now youre in Tinder U! Swipe, match, and message as usual—you know the curriculum—its Tinder 101.21 Aug 2018

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