Question: How do I get POF to stop emailing me?

How do I turn off email notifications from plenty of fish?

0:050:47How to Turn Off Email Notifications on POF Updated 2020 - YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipThen click settings scroll down and youre going to see email settings. And from there you can tickMoreThen click settings scroll down and youre going to see email settings. And from there you can tick or untick whichever emails you would like to or not like to receive from plenty of fish.

How do you change email settings on POF?

Using a laptop or computer, log into your account. Select Edit Profile and select the Settings tab. Using the rules, choose when youd like us to email. Select Update Mail Settings to save your changes.

How do I turn off POF notifications?

Go to POF app on your Android phone. From any page in the app, tap the menu icon (three vertical dots) on the top right corner of the page or your devices menu button. Click on SETTINGS. Under the Settings page, you can turn the push notifications and alerts on or off.

Why do I keep getting emails from POF?

The only guaranteed pairing on POF is made between your inbox and hundreds of spam messages. Even if youve never signed up for Plenty Of Fish, you might still get emails from the service. A spam blocker can help you disable them entirely.

How do I change my POF email and password?

0:051:21How to Change POF Password - POF Online Dating - YouTubeYouTube

Has plenty of fish Been Hacked?

The founder and CEO of dating site Plenty of Fish reports that the site has been hacked and users names, email addresses, and passwords may have been acquired. One of those Frind names, Chris Russo, provides a different version of what happened and his role.

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