Question: How can a girl get an easy number?

Offer to text her a link or video to get her number while sharing something cool. This is a great way to sneak your request into your conversation. While chatting, think of an article link, video, meme, or anything else you could text her a link to. Make sure its something shed enjoy or get a laugh out of.

How can I get a girls phone number?

Dont miss a thingStep 1: Approach a girl and tell her you can get her phone number using only a calculator. Step 2: Tell her to open up the calculator on her phone. Step 3: Ask her for her area code. Step 4: Have her type the first three digits of her phone number (not including the area code) into the calculator.More items •May 9, 2016

How do you trick a girl to get her number?

Long StoryAsk her for her area code.Have her key in, on her own calculator, the first 3 digits (not the area code) of her number. Tell her to multiply it by 80.Tell her to add 1.Now multiply it by 250.Add the last 4 digits of her number.Add the last 4 again.Subtract 250.May 10, 2016

How can I get a girl number online?

This quick guide will tell you exactly how to ask a girl for her number online, in 3 easy steps .How To Ask A Girl For Her Number OnlineStep 1: Take The Time To Build Attraction. Step 2: Make Sure Shes Into You. Step 3: Suggest Taking Things Offline In The Right Way.

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