Question: What is a special tradition in Cuba?

Cuban rhythms like the timba, rumba, drum yuka, trova, jazz, mambo and others are part of the local culture. Other traditions are linked to the history and culture of the regions and to their gastronomy. In all, there is a high local participation, since these days are holidays for workers.

What do most Spaniards and Cubans eat at midnight?

Eating 12 grapes at midnight s Eve in Cuba involves 12 grapes and the stroke of midnight. When the countdown ends each grape is eaten, one after the other, to represent the 12 months of the New Year, with a wish made per grape.

What country pours water at 12 am?

Puerto Rico and a wet New Year. When the clock strikes twelve, Puerto Ricans fill pots and pans with water and toss it through the front door of their home. Some families even pour buckets of water through the window on New Years Eve to wash away their problems.

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