Question: What lure is best for shore fishing?

Can you shore fish with lures?

Turns out, you can. You just need to get the proper shore fishing setup. This means getting a surf fishing rod, a surf fishing reel, maybe some waders, and lures built for shore fishing.

How do you attract fish to the shore?

No Boat: No Problem – 5 Tips for Shore Fishing SuccessDo A Walk Around The Shoreline. After arriving at a shore fishing location, resist the urge to just immediately start casting. Try To Stay Low. Cast Parallel To The Shore. Bank Anglers Need To Downsize.

Do fish like glow in the dark lures?

To name a few, bass, flounder and trout all seem to respond positively to the use of a glow lure. So yes, you can catch more fish with a fluorescent glow lure if youre targeting the right species and fishing in saltwater.

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