Question: What happened to Charlotte Tannhaus?

Both in the Knot and in the Origin World, Tannhaus family died in a tragic accident after their car veered off the side of a bridge in a violent storm. Tannhaus was left bereft after his son and daughter-in-law perished in the crash but strangely the body of their baby daughter was never found.

Heinrich Gustav Tannhaus is a clockmaker who operates a shop in Winden, and the adoptive grandfather of Charlotte Doppler (real grandfather of Charlotte Tannhaus).

Who is Leopold Tannhaus?

Leopold Tannhaus was the father of H.G. Tannhaus (the clockmaker) and the son of Gustav Tannhaus (the blind man seen in 1888). Not much is known of Leopold other than his lineage.

What happened to Charlotte in dark?

Elisabeth and Charlotte later give the latter as a baby to H.G. Tannhaus for safe-keeping as well as to raise her. Charlotte is erased from existence after the cycle is broken by Jonas and the alternate Martha.

Who stole Charlotte dark?

Elisabeth It is actually Elisabeth and the older Charlotte that kidnap Charlotte and take her to Tannhaus, So, Charlotte is Elisabeths mother AND daughter. Elisabeth is also Noahs granddaughter/wife… All three series of Dark have been a yo-yo of emotions and a rollercoaster of confusion, and its finally come to an end.

Who is the deaf girl in dark?

Elisabeth Doppler (portrayed by Carlotta von Falkenhayn) is the daughter of Charlotte and Peter Doppler and the sister of Franziska Doppler. She is deaf.

Why does Elizabeth kidnap Charlotte?

Elisabeth abducted Charlotte, so Hanno would become Noah and fulfil his part in the cycle.

Who is Helges real father?

Helge Doppler was the son of Bernd and Greta Doppler and the father of Peter Doppler. He worked as a cleaner at the Winden Nuclear Power Plant and a henchman to Noah.

Who killed Erik in dark?

Helge Doppler On November 5th, 1986, he is gagged and strapped down in the chair by a hooded figure, later revealed to be Helge Doppler. The chair is a primitive time travel device, and it transports Erik to 1953, but kills him in the process.

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