Question: How safe is West Palm Beach?

Is West Palm Beach, FL Safe? The D+ grade means the rate of crime is higher than the average US city. West Palm Beach is in the 29th percentile for safety, meaning 71% of cities are safer and 29% of cities are more dangerous.

How Safe Is Palm Beach Florida?

Palm Beach is in the 8th percentile for safety, meaning 92% of cities are safer and 8% of cities are more dangerous. This analysis applies to Palm Beachs proper boundaries only. See the table on nearby places below for nearby cities. The rate of crime in Palm Beach is 71.92 per 1,000 residents during a standard year.

Does Palm Coast have alligators?

We literally have people that have alligators in their backyard,” he said. “The rule of thumb in Florida, including Palm Coast: If theres a body of water, of any size, its got a gator in it. … The critter experts tell me that we probably have over 1,000 alligators within Palm Coast that live amongst us.”

Is Palm Coast a good place to retire?

Palm Coast is best place to retire and among best cities to live in, publications say. Palm Coast - The City of Palm Coast has been recognized by two national publications for being one of the 7 best places to retire and among Americas 50 best cities to live in.

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