Question: Is the bed courtship still practiced by the Amish?

Much of Amish courtship ritual still centers around church and family, as it did for generations past. This form of courtship has given rise to the persistent rumors of “bundling” among the Amish. Bundling is a centuries-old custom that was practiced in many cultures and did not originate with the Amish.

Do the Amish still practiced bundling?

By the 20th century, bundling seems to have disappeared almost everywhere, except for the more conservative Old Order Amish affiliations, where it is still in use in the 21st century, regardless of location.

What are the bedroom customs of the Amish?

While lying in bed, the couple are encouraged to speak to each other all night to become emotionally closer. While some Amish still practice bundling, the tradition originally stems from the Old Testament, and was mentioned in the Book of Ruth as a common Jewish practice.

What is the old custom of bundling?

Historically, bundling was a courtship practice in which, as a part of an ongoing courtship process, a couple spent a night together, usually in bed, dressed or half dressed. During the night, the young couple got to know each other intimately and sexually through various kinds of stimulation and mutual gratification.

Are bundling bags a real thing?

The custom of the bundling bag has existed within Western Europe and later North America for over half a millennia. It is allegedly still practiced by some religious New England communities.

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