Question: Can unmarried couples share a room in Turkey?

1. Re: unmarried couples living in the same room in istanbul. vidyapune, No, there is no restriction as long as you both have your passports with you. You can share the same room.

Can unmarried couples stay in the same hotel room in Turkey?

You can witness that unmarried couples staying in the same hotel rooms are not being tolerated in some parts of the world. The short answer to this question for Turkey is yes, unmarried couples can stay in hotels in Turkey. There is no specific regulation in Turkish law regarding this issue.

Can my girlfriend take half my house UK?

When youre married youre automatically entitled to a share of your partners assets. This means you have a legal right over the property, even if youre not the legal owner. If you want to protect assets that you bring into the marriage, you should consider getting a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement.

Who gets the house when an unmarried couple splits up UK?

Former partners in an unmarried couple can in no way claim “ownership” over the property of the other partner after a break-up. To amicably sort matters after splitting up, the partners can either sell the property jointly owned by both of them, proceeds from which may be received by both as per their shares.

Can a girlfriend take your house?

An individual in a cohabitation relationship always has the right to her own property. This means her income cannot be garnished to cover her partners medical expenses or any other financial obligations, like child support payments.

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