Question: Is imo a safe app?

Imo is a free video, messaging and chat app that allows users to communicate using a Wi-Fi or data connection. The Imo app is available for both iOS and Android devices and is rated for everyone. This app does feature in-app purchases and advertisements. This app is safe for kids with adult supervision.

Is imo safe for privacy?

Welcome to imo! imo takes your privacy seriously, and we are committed to maintaining the privacy of the personal information that you provide to us. This policy explains our information practices for imo users in the United States and how we process your information to provide our services.

Is Imo app a Chinese app?

IMO. IMO has a strong user base in just 2 Asian countries. Founded in 2007 by a former Google employee, IMO has been installed on Android devices more than 500 million times and has over 200 million users.

What happens if I uninstall imo?

Deactivate or Delete imo Account As mentioned above, your Phone number will still be available on imo, even if you are not using imo and uninstalled the imo app from your iPhone or Android Phone. Due to this, people will still be able to search for your number on imo and add you as an imo Contact.

Is Truecaller banned?

With the Indian Army asking its personnel to delete 89 apps, Swedish caller identification app Truecaller termed its inclusion in the list of the prohibited applications as “unfair”, “unjust”

Why is IMO popular?

He says, The popularity of using IMO started in the Middle East. One of the main reasons is that the use of other popular messaging apps in the world is banned in the Middle East. Immigrants from Bangladesh have to use imo. Another reason in his language is that imo is affordable to use the internet.

Is imo video call encrypted?

IMO is a popular application which employs encryption for both call and chat activities. The results are valid for IMO 9.8. 00 on Android and 7.0. 55 on iOS.

Can I hide my phone number on IMO?

More videos on YouTube Though theres no longer an option to mark yourself as “invisible,” temporarily blocking each contact will keep them from seeing your status or sending you a message. Open the imo app. Tap Chats. Its at the top right corner of the screen.

How can I hide my mobile number in Imo?

0:431:46Hide imo Number and Make Call & Do Chat | imo tricks - YouTubeYouTube

When you block someone on imo do they know?

There will be no notifications sent to the blocked contact that they are blocked. Follow the steps below to block a contact on the IMO app. The procedure remains the same for both Android and iPhone users.

How do you know if someone has deleted you on imo?

How do I know if someone deleted their Imo account? Their profile will no longer show up if the account is deleted.

Why is Truecaller not safe?

The problem with Truecaller is that it leaks phone numbers, brings them into public. It has become a phone directory for the 21st century. But unlike the directories of the last century this one contains details of cell phone numbers, which are more personal and pervasive compared to landline numbers.

Is Truecaller banned in China?

True caller app is definitely not a Chinese app but it was banned in India by the Indian Army for security reasons. True caller was banned by the Indian Army as it had asked its personnel to remove 89 apps from their smartphones including True caller to stop leakage of information.

Is Imo banned in China?

Saudi Arabia, Iran, Kuwait, China, and Egypt have placed a blanket ban on its use. Nevertheless, this ban can be easily evaded thanks to a simple tool known as a VPN.

Why is IMO famous?

IMO Messenger is one of the most popular messaging services in the world. So you can send text, audio or video messages, speak with voice or have a video chat, log in with your phone number and have your contacts imported automatically. There are private chats and chat rooms.

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