Question: How do I hook up a subwoofer to my home stereo?

Use RCA cable or subwoofer cable to connect from the Sub Out or LFE Out on your receiver, preamplifier or amplifier to the subwoofer input jack. Turn the subwoofer On on your receiver or preamplifer menu. Connect using speaker-level connections.

Can you hook subs up to a home stereo?

You can hook up a car subwoofer to a home stereo directly if: You have a subwoofer or more than one subwoofer that can be wired for at least 8 ohms total. This can be two 4 ohm subwoofers or a 4 ohm dual voice coil (DVC) subwoofer.

What is the best way to hook up a subwoofer?

The optimal connection is to use the RCA (Phono) sub or woofer line out found on home theater receivers and pre-amps. Some subwoofers offer High Level inputs (speaker wire connections), they are there for use with a receiver or pre-amp without a sub RCA connection.

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