Question: What is a good salary in Charlotte?

Is 100K a good salary in Charlotte NC?

CHARLOTTE, NC — Six-figure salaries certainly sound nice to a lot of Americans. After all, the median income for the American worker in 2019 is about $47,000 a year. The folks at the personal finance site looked at where a $100K income would be considered good in Americas 50 largest cities.

Is it cheaper to live in NC or VA?

North Carolina is 10.5% cheaper than Virginia.

What jobs pay well in NC?

Heres a quick look at the top ten highest paying jobs in North Carolina:Anesthesiologists.General Internal Medicine Physicians.Obstetricians and Gynecologists.Family Medicine Physicians.Chief Executives.Physicians, All Other; and Ophthalmologists, Except Pediatric.Psychiatrists.Nurse Anesthetists.More items •Jun 7, 2021

Is Charlotte Uptown safe?

Charlotte (Uptown) is absolutely safe. Dont let the people on here discourage you. As everyone says, just like in any city, know your surroundings and be aware of whats going on around you. Unless your working in uptown and want the ability to quickly walk to work, Id recommend living in south end.

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