Question: Which is the right place to be in Bangalore?

Which is the best location to stay in Bangalore?

Top 10 Best Places to Stay in Bangalore for TouristsKoramangala. Located in south-east Bangalore, Koramangala is a quite a popular haunt among college students and young working professionals. Indiranagar. M.G. Ulsoor. Malleswaram. HSR Layout. Kammanahalli. Rajajinagar.More items •Sep 8, 2017

Which part of Bangalore is richest?

Top 10 posh localities in BengaluruBasavanagudi.Benson Town.Cooke Town.Indira Nagar.Koramangala.Malleswaram.Rajajinagar.Richmond Town.More items •Feb 10, 2021

Is marathahalli safe?

The Marathahalli Ring Road area, for instance, is perceived to be either unsafe for women or very unsafe for women by more than a third of those surveyed. The stretch of Outer Ring Road between Marathahalli and Bellandur, where I live, is definitely underlit and possibly unsafe.

Who is the richest man of Bangalore?

As of April 2017, Forbes estimated his net worth at $2.6 billion, making him the 61st richest person in India .Rajesh MehtaBorn20 June 1964 Bengaluru, IndiaNationalityIndianAlma materNational College, BangaloreKnown forFounder and chairman, Rajesh Exports2 more rows

Which is the heart of Karnataka?

Davanagere Davanagere is the Heart of Karnataka.

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