Question: How old do you have to be to get married in Mexico?

People under 18 years of age cannot marry without the consent of their parents or legal guardians. Under no circumstances can males under the age of sixteen, or females under the age of fourteen, be married in Mexico.

Can you get married at 15 in Mexico?

Consent: People under the age of 18 may not get married in Mexico without parental consent. With parental consent, boys have to be at least 16 and girls need to be at least 14 years of age. If you plan to get married to a Mexican in Mexico, you will need additional documentation.

A civil wedding in Mexico is fully valid for legal purposes in the U.S., but a religious ceremony without the civil ceremony is not, as U.S. law only recognizes marriages which are valid in the country in which they take place.

Can you get married at 12 years old in Mexico?

Child marriage in Mexico Minors could get formally married if they had the consent of their parents and had reached a minimum age. This age, which varied by state, was set at 14 or 16-years-old. In December 2014, the Federal Congress set the minimum age of marriage for both women and men at 18, without exceptions.

What do you need to do to get married in Mexico?

Necessary paperwork and documentationMarriage application forms, which can be obtained from the local registry office.Valid passports, as well as one copy of each persons passport.Birth certificates.Your visitors permit, obtained at your port of entry or, if youre resident in Mexico, a copy of your resident permit.More items •19 Jun 2018

Do Mexicans get married younger?

Not only do Latinos have children at younger ages than non-Latinos, they also marry at younger ages. Some 15% of Latinos ages 16 to 25 are married, compared with 9% of non-Latinos in that age group. The higher marriage rate for Latinos is driven primarily by immigrant youths, 22% of whom are married.

What is the minimum marriage age?

18 years The consent of at least one parent or guardian is required for a person aged 16 or 17 to get married. Males at the time of marriage must be at least 18 years of age, while females aged 16–17 can marry with the consent of at least one parent or guardian.

How many wives can I have in Mexico?

Church and Mexican law do not allow more than one marriage at a time. Cienega and Bocato de la Pila were married in a church; he says he and his second wife had a civil ceremony. He and his second wife have an infant son and she is pregnant.

How many wives are you allowed in Mexico?

Polygamy is a kind of marriage where one person is allowed to be married to another at the same time, the most common form of which is that of a man with more than two wives, also known as polygyny.

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