Question: What is the difference between the Times and the Sunday Times?

The Times remains the biggest selling daily “quality” print newspaper, while the Sunday Times is the best-selling Sunday newspaper in the same category. But both titles, which are only available online behind a paywall, have been hit by the industry-wide collapse in print newspaper sales.

Is the Times the same as The Sunday Times?

The Times is a British daily national newspaper based in London. The Times and its sister paper The Sunday Times (founded in 1821) are published by Times Newspapers, since 1981 a subsidiary of News UK, in turn wholly owned by News Corp.

Which political party does The Sunday Times support?

The Sunday TimesThe Sunday Times cover (13 July 2014)TypeSunday newspaperEditorEmma TuckerFounded18 February 1821 (as The New Observer)Political alignmentConservative Party (present) New Labour (2001–2005)8 more rows

What did the Times newspaper used to be called?

It was called the Daily Universal Register for the first three years, until it rebranded as The Times in 1788 – the first newspaper in the world to use the Times name.

How much does the times cost on line?

Keep well informed with unlimited digital access for only £26 a year.

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