Question: Where can I propose in Greenville SC?

Where can I get my engagement photos in Greenville SC?

One of the questions I get the most is “where should we take our engagement photos in Greenville?”Furman University. Every time I step on to this campus of Furman University I am blown away! Bald Rock Heritage Preserve. Jones Gap State Park. SC Botanical Gardens.

The 8 Most Popular Ways to Propose RevealedOn Holiday. A huge 38% of people who responded to our survey said that their proposal took place during a holiday, making it the most popular way to propose. On a Birthday. During a Romantic Meal. On an Anniversary. At Christmas. On a Night Out. On New Years Eve. On Valentines Day.21 Dec 2017

Can you take pictures at Furman University?

Furman is always a go-to college location for sessions because of its immaculate gardens, greenery, and all around beauty. Ive shot at Furman more times than I can count, and there are SO many great spots for photographing. Since I have tons of images and favorite spots, I decided to categorize them by location!!

How do you take engagement photos?

9 Tips for the Perfect Engagement Photography SessionMake jokes to get them to loosen up and laugh at themselves. Take control of the session and be confident. Be prepared. Bring props. Body connection is key. Encourage the couple to be affectionate.More items •20 Jan 2016

Can you walk at Furman University?

A 1.5-mile paved trail takes you around Furman Universitys beautiful 40-acre, spring-fed lake. With its many parks and green spaces, Greenville has no shortage of pleasant places to walk. The university also features a self-guided walking tour that takes you past most of the notable buildings.

Can you walk at Furman?

The beautiful Furman campus makes a great location for walking or jogging. These scenic routes are regularly enjoyed by fitness enthusiasts. Be sure to use caution around traffic and stay on designated walkways.

Do you have to wear white for engagement photos?

For casual engagement photos in the fall, wear a cozy sweater dress. Dont let seasonality stop you when it comes to wearing white in your fall engagement photos. While your photoshoot doesnt have to feel overly bridal, a white outfit can act as a sweet nod to your wedding dress.

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