Question: Where do the Amish people live in America?

The Amish have traditionally lived in places like Lancaster County, Pennsylvania (population 26,270), or Holmes County, Ohio (population 17,654). Now,they are spreading to other parts of the country, from New York to Missouri and Wyoming. Montana now has four settlements, and Nebraska has three.

Where are the Amish moving to?

Some of the biggest rates of growth have come in a second tier of states that are now home to 10,000 to 22,000 Old Order Amish: Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, New York and Wisconsin. New York Amish have more than quadrupled since 2000, growing from 4,505 to an estimated 21,230 people.

What states dont have Amish?

Amish Population 2021StateAmish %Connecticut0.00%California0.00%Arizona0.00%Alaska0.00%46 more rows

Where are Amish communities located in the US?

In the early 21st century, there were about 250,000 Amish living in more than 200 Old Order Amish settlements in the United States and Canada. The largest were located in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Iowa, Illinois, and Kansas, and others were found in Wisconsin, Maine, Missouri, and Minnesota.

Where do most of the Amish live in the US?

Ohio has the largest Amish population, followed by Pennsylvania and Indiana. The Amish are one of the fastest-growing population groups in America.

What state has the highest amount of Amish people?

Indiana Table 1: Top 10 Amish-Inhabiting States by Percent of Total Population, 2000RankStateNumber of Adherents1Indiana19,1772Ohio24,6133Pennsylvania25,3404Wisconsin5,8726 more rows

Are there Amish in all 50 states?

In 2021 there were 31 states of the United States that had a significant Amish population. The Amish have settled in as many as 31 US-states though about 2/3 are located in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana. Next in size is a group of Amish people in Elkhart and surrounding counties in northeastern Indiana.

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