Question: What kind of food do Hmong eat?

The Hmong staple food is white rice, which is usually eaten with a variety of vegetables, hot pepper (often in the form of a Southeast Asian-inspired sauce) and boiled or fried meat if it is available. Sticky (glutinous) rice—either white or purple—is commonly served at gatherings and on other special occasions.

Are Hmong Vietnamese?

The Hmong people (RPA: Hmoob, Nyiakeng Puachue: 𞄀𞄩𞄰, Chinese: 苗; pinyin: miáozú, Pahawh Hmong: 𖬌𖬣𖬵, IPA: [m̥ɔ̃́]) are an ethnic group which mainly lives in southern China (Guizhou, Yunnan, Sichuan, Chongqing, and Guangxi), Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, and Myanmar.

What is a Hmong American person?

Hmong Americans (RPA: Hmoob Mes Kas, Pahawh Hmong: 𖬌𖬣𖬵 𖬉𖬲𖬦 𖬗𖬲) are Americans of Hmong ancestry. Thousands of Hmong were evacuated or escaped on their own to Hmong refugee camps in Thailand. About 90% of those who made it to refugee camps in Thailand were ultimately resettled in the United States.

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