Question: How many people have been turned away from Beautiful People dating site?

Beautiful People is run by married couple Greg and Genevieve Hodge and was started in 2003. Since then there have been over 7.5million people rejected from the site.

Are beautiful people rejected? launched in Denmark in 2003, and has since gone global with 800,000 members. The acceptance rate hovers just under 30 percent. Seven million people, and counting, have been rejected from the site since its inception.

Is BeautifulPeople com legit?

Yes, BeautifulPeople is a legitimate website.

Does everyone get rejected?

No matter what, everybody is going to get rejected by a significant number of the people they ask out. Understanding this can help you see that the rejections youve faced arent really about you; its just statistics.

Can I still be friends with a girl who rejected me?

You can still be friends if you dont see her one-on-one. If you do ask her to see you alone, make sure she knows that you dont mean it as a date. Let her know that you just want to see her as your friend. Also sticking to public places will probably make her more comfortable.

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