Question: Where do most Indians stay in Bay Area?

The Bay Area Asian Indian population is primarily concentrated in the Santa Clara Valley, with San Jose having the highest population of Asian Indians in raw numbers as 2010, while Cupertino, Fremont, Sunnyvale and Santa Clara have the largest concentrations.

What percent of Bay area is Indian?

White3,941,68758.1%Black or African American511,0847.5%American Indian and Alaska Native43,5290.6%Asian1,289,84919.0%Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander36,3170.5%101 more rows

Do Indians live in Palo Alto?

From my perspective, the Indian community in Palo Alto tends to be more 1st-2nd generation US citizens. They likely have come from a privileged background, ended up going to a prestigious university and hold good jobs in the valley (not necessarily in the tech sector).

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