Question: What kind of hair does a Bulgarian woman have?

Bulgarian women are proud of their luxurious hair, both straight and wavy. Most girls in Bulgaria have dark brown or black hair. However, you can often see blondes and red-haired girls on the streets of Bulgarian cities.

Can Bulgarians be blonde?

As with all Balkan people we have those that do not look like Slavs and are typically, Mediterranean or darker looking like the Greeks and Italians. Individual Bulgarian appearances vary from blonde with blue eyes to oriental with black hair and brown eyes and everything else in between.

Can Bulgarian people wear braids?

In the north of Bulgaria the ancient hair style was to braid the hair into many plaits, which can be tied into one plait. This style being called nalessa. The hair is often worn nalessa with the sukman costume, and after marriage these plaits are often cut and pinned on under the headscarf.

What kind of food do Bulgarians eat?

Here are 8 Foods You Must Try In Bulgaria:Banitsa. This tasty dish is a traditional Bulgarian pastry made by layering a combination of beaten eggs and bits of cheese amongst filo pastry. Tarator. Meshana Skara. Sarmi. Shopska Salata. Shkembe. Kiselo Mlyako. Moussaka.

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