Question: Will there be a gold digger 2?

Gold Digger season 1 premiered on November 12, 2019, on BBC One in the UK. It aired its last episode on December 17, 2019. The entire season was made available on BBC iPlayer on the day the first episode was released on tv. In other words, Gold Digger season 2 is most likely cancelled.

How many gold digger are there?

There are six episodes of Gold Digger in total, airing on consecutive Tuesday nights at 9pm. They are called Her Boy, Her Daughter, Her Rival, Her Husband, Her Baby and Her Love.

Where is Julias house in Gold Digger?

As is evident, the village of Widecombe in Dartmoor features rather prominently. Notable landmarks can be seen throughout the series, including the historic church house, constructed in 1537, Sextons cottage, which is now the National Trust shop and Dartmoor National Park information point.

Is everyone a Gold Digger?

While anyone can be a gold digger, and the gender and age dynamic can vary, the stereotypical gold digger relationship is of a young woman who goes after an older, richer man.

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