Question: Where is high five studios?

Who works at Hi5 studios?

Hi5 Studios EmployeesNamePositionLocationNikk RamoneHead of People OperationsCalifornia, USALis OKeefeProduction AssistantCalifornia, USAPatrick JonesDope Or Nope ProducerCalifornia, USAMichael BadalMusic ComposerCalifornia, USA11 more rows

What is Matthias email?

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Who is the CEO of Hi5 Studios?

Matthias Vlogs Matthias Vlogs Matthias is the CEO of Hi5 Studios and he shares an inside look into the life at Hi5 with splashes of mystery and excitement.

What city does Matthias live in?

Los Angeles Matthew FredrickMatthiasBirthdateSeptember 20, 1988BirthplaceWoodland Hills, CaliforniaAge(d)32ResidenceLos Angeles, California12 more rows

What happened to Matthias YouTube?

The channel ceased production on June 1, 2020. Channel started on August 10th, 2011. It was Matthews personal channel where he created cover songs, challenge videos, and comedic sketches. The channel eventually turned into the Matthias Unboxing channel on November 3rd, 2016.

Matthias brother; Bryans brother-in-law. Has a channel formerly called J-Fred, now called LemonMade. His sister is Sarah, Bryans wife. He is married to Kelly.

What happened to Markiplier and Matthias?

While it is the end of our working relationship, we are still friends and Im not going anywhere. Although Tyler and Mark are still close friends and create content together, it doesnt look like Tyler is a regular editor for Markiplier, either. Mark and Ethen went on to create Unus Annus in late 2019.

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