Question: How far should a turntable be from a speaker?

Speakers should be placed so that their initial distance between them is 150cm MINIMUM. Mutual distance is always calculated from the middle of the bass unit on one speaker to the middle of the bass unit on the second speaker.

Can you put speakers next to turntable?

We recommend putting your speakers and turntable on entirely separate playing surfaces. If youre short on space, you can cheat a little by putting isolation pads under your speakers - this works best for small speakers being used at lower volume levels.

How do you use a turntable with speakers?

How to Set Up Passive Speakers With a TurntableConnect the turntable with the RCA cables to the preamp. (Some turntables require grounding.)Connect the pre-amp to the amp with RCA cables.Connect the amp to the speakers.Drop the needle and enjoy!Apr 14, 2016

Is it bad to put speakers on same surface as turntable?

Its best if your speakers and record player dont share the same surface to avoid the passing of vibrations from the speakers though to your turntable. Speakers are the most significant source of vibrations in your setup and if these vibrations reach your player, it can compromise the sound of your setup.

How do I stop my record player from shaking?

The floorboards are not soilid in that place, walking naturally causes the floor to shake. Relocate the turntable/system to a corner if possible. The intersections of two walls helps make the floor less prone to shaking.

Whats the best turntable mat?

Hudson Hi-Fi Premium Acrylic Turntable Mat. At just ten ounces, this 3mm, acrylic mat is not just classy looking, it also significantly reduces unwanted noise and static. Acrylic White Turntable Mat by Pro Spin. Hudson Hi-Fi CoRkErY Recessed Turntable Platter Mat. Facmogu Anti-Static Wool Mat.Feb 18, 2021

What should be the height of rear speakers?

For best results when mounting surround speakers on a rear wall, position them so that they flank the main listening area and point toward the front of the room. They should be raised to a height of approximately six feet and should ideally have a minimum space of six feet between them, as well.

Why am I getting feedback from my turntable?

When a turntable is set up correctly, the stylus only picks up the vibrations caused by the stylus on the record. Feedback occurs when another source of vibration is present. This causes the stylus to pick up the vibrations caused by the speakers, resulting in a feedback loop that can get louder and louder.

What causes turntable hum?

When it comes to turntables, there are two main causes of humming: ground loops and feedback. Humming caused by grounding issues can be very easy to correct. If using a preamp, it is best to ground from the turntable to the preamp, then from the preamp to the amplifier or speakers.

Why is my turntable wobbling?

Some of the most common reasons for it happening is the record player could be poorly made or the spindle is warped. Are record players supposed to wobble? Record players are not designed to have any wobbling in the turntable at all. However in real life most every player will have some amount of wobbling in it.

Why does my vinyl sound weird?

An old or worn stylus will cause your records to sound bad or sound scratchy. This is because a worn stylus is getting down to the bottom of the record groove where there is no music. The music resides on the sides of the record groove and is where a new stylus (needle) sits while playing.

Are rubber turntable mats better than felt?

Rubber – These mats are still lightweight but also slightly firmer than felt. Rubber mats help to further isolate the record so your music playback is less impacted by any vibration.

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