Question: Who is the youngest grandmaster in chess?

Abhimanyu Mishra, the young Indian American prodigy has become the worlds youngest chess grandmaster (GM) ever at 12 years, 4 months, and 25 days.

How old was the youngest chess grandmaster ever?

Since 1950, when the Grandmaster (GM) title was introduced by FIDE, one measure of chess prodigies is the age at which they gain the GM title. Below are players who have held the record for the youngest grandmaster .List of youngest grandmasters.Year1950PlayerDavid BronsteinCountrySoviet UnionAge26 years10 more columns

Who has become the youngest ever chess grandmaster in history?

Abhimanyu Mishra Abhimanyu Mishra, 12, becomes youngest grandmaster in chess history.

Who is the youngest Indian grandmaster in chess?

Gukesh D Viswanathan Anand is the first Grandmaster from India while Leon Mendonca is the latest and 67th Chess Grandmaster from India. Gukesh D is Indias youngest GM at 12 years, 7 months and 17 days, succeeding Praggnanandhaa who held the record at 12 years and 10 months in June 2018.

At what age did Magnus Carlsen become grandmaster?

13 years, 4 months and 26 days At the age of 13 years, 4 months and 26 days, Magnus Carlsen became the youngest chess grandmaster in the world. The international press raved about the Norwegian prodigy.

How many grandmasters are alive right now?

There are around 800 million chess players in the world and only about 1500 of them are grandmasters. Hence, only about 0.3 % of all registered FIDE players currently hold a grandmaster title. Still, many chess players wonder if they have the potential to become a grandmaster.

What country is best at chess?

Russia The International Chess Federation (FIDE) governs international chess competition .Top federations[edit]RankFederationAverage top 10 rating1Russia27332United States27123China27004India267116 more rows

Has there ever been a female chess grandmaster?

She is generally considered the strongest female chess player of all time. In 1991, Polgár achieved the title of Grandmaster at the age of 15 years and 4 months, at the time the youngest to have done so, breaking the record previously held by former World Champion Bobby Fischer.

Why did Parimarjan Negi leave chess?

His goal was to break the top 20. Those 80 spots were not easy to climb. For the first time in his life, Negi felt as if he had hit a ceiling—that somehow, hard work was no longer directly proportional to success. Immediately, Negi realized that there was a whole world outside of chess waiting for him.

Are there any female chess grandmasters?

Just 37 of the more than 1,600 international chess grandmasters are women. The current top-rated female, Hou Yifan, is ranked 89th in the world, while the reigning womens world champion Ju Wenjun is 404th.

Who has beaten Magnus Carlsen?

Andrey Esipenko Beating Magnus Carlsen in any format is a difficult task, more so in Classical chess. But on 24th of January, at the 8th round of Tata Steel Masters 2021 Andrey Esipenko became the 1st teenager ever to beat the World Champion Magnus Carlsen in Classical Chess.

Which country is the best at math?

Singapore is the highest-performing country in mathematics, with a mean score of 564 points – more than 70 points above the OECD average. Three countries/economies – Hong Kong (China), Macao (China) and Chinese Taipei – perform below Singapore, but higher than any OECD country in PISA.

Who became the youngest Grandmaster of India in 2016?

Indian-American Abhimanyu Mishra becomes youngest ever chess Grandmaster at 12. Indian-American prodigy Abhimanyu Mishra on Wednesday became the youngest ever chess Grandmaster after he scored his third GM norm in Budapest, Hungary, according to a report.

Who among the following is Indias youngest ever grandmaster in sports?

Negi thus became the youngest chess grandmaster ever in India, breaking Pentala Harikrishnas record, and the second youngest ever in the world. Negi won the strong Philadelphia International Open Tournament in June 2008 with a score of 7/9, and was undefeated.

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