Question: Where can I meet girls in Long Island?

Where can I meet people besides bar?

50 Places to Meet People (When Youre Over the Bar Scene)At the dog park, where your dog (or your friends dog) takes care of the introductions.At an intramural sports club.Wandering through the galleries of an art museum.Attending a reading at a local bookstore or library.At an after-work language class.More items •4 Mar 2013

Where can I meet guys on Long Island?

Best singles bar in Long Island, NYThe Cortland. 16.2 mi. $$ Bars. Mr. Fadeleys Deli Pub. 5.0 mi. Cipollini Trattoria and Bar. 36.9 mi. 344 reviews. The Beach Bar. 24.2 mi. 72 reviews. The Cuban. 33.5 mi. 634 reviews. Novitá 35.6 mi. 525 reviews. Your Mothers House. 36.8 mi. 543 reviews. Dunnes Pub. 43.8 mi. $ Irish Pub.More items

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