Question: What do girls want from a first date?

According to the results, the number one thing women want on a first date is to feel comfortable. 79% said this was their priority, followed by 35% wanting to be happy, and 27% wanting to be liked.

What do girls want to hear after a date?

Let your date know how much you enjoyed her company. A girl wants to know that you had just as much fun as she did. When saying nice things about your time together, be honest and genuine. Even if you didnt enjoy certain parts of the date, be specific about the parts that you did like.

What does a girl want to hear from a guy?

You Are So Sexy. Just as women want to hear that you think theyre beautiful, they also specifically love to hear that you find them sexy. As a woman, you want to know and feel that your partner is attracted to you, Thompson explains. Just make sure you dont say any of the phrases never to say to a naked woman.

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