Question: Is Billings Montana a safe place to live?

In terms of safety, Montana ranks around the middle of the pack among U.S. states: 31st in property crime and 29th in violent crime. Montanas largest city, Billings, is also its least safe, earning a Safety Index score of -0.97 due to a violent crime rate of 4.93 per 1,000 and property crime rate of 54.58 per 1,000.

What is it like living in Billings Montana?

Billings has amazing bike trails, recreational areas, and restaurant choices. It is a a decent sized city that is not too big or too small. It is at a great location to drive to other parts of MT. I have enjoyed my time in Billings and I love to live in a city with a plethora of food, drink and entertainment options.

Is Billings safe to live?

Billings is in the 18th percentile for safety, meaning 82% of cities are safer and 18% of cities are more dangerous. The rate of crime in Billings is 46.68 per 1,000 residents during a standard year. People who live in Billings generally consider the northwest part of the city to be the safest.

What are the pros and cons of living in Montana?

Montana state: Pros & ConsIsnt Yellowstone national park enough to move to Montana?Glacier national park!! Another reason!No toll roads.Extremely low taxes + no excise tax.Less population density.Liberty Minded people.Numerous Winter recreational activities.Fishing, Hunting, Horseback riding, all the fun you can get.More items

What are the dangers of living in Montana?

Here Are The 8 Biggest Risks Living In The State of MontanaA potential Yellowstone eruption. Jeff Gunn / Flickr. Colliding with a deer, elk, or moose while driving. Outdoors accidents. Snow drama. Feeling claustrophobic in crowds. Grizzlies. A disdain for California. The inability to be happy living anywhere else.Apr 23, 2016

Why are so many people moving to Missoula?

36% said theyre originally from Montana. The biggest reasons people are coming here are safety, security and COVID-19 concerns. According to the same study, 75% of real estate agents surveyed got interested buyers from California, 56% from Washington and 49% from Colorado.

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