Question: How many points are enough to get married?

The best match is noted when all the 36 Gunas of the bride and groom match. If only less than 18 aspects match between the bride and the groom, the marriage cannot be successful and hence pairing such individuals is never advised as per the Vedic astrology. If 18 to 24 aspects match, the marriage can be approved.

What happens if Mahendra Porutham does not match?

Mahendra Porutham is considered for the longevity, wealth and progeny. They consult the stars and horoscopes of the couple to find out what will be their future status in marriage, and if not found compatible, the marriage is called off.

Which Rashi can marry which Rashi?

Marriage – perhaps one of the most important alliances you will form in your life .Here are The Basics of a Kundali:Name of Rashi (Moon Sign)Corresponding English NameKanyaVirgoTulaLibraVrushchikScorpioDhanuSagittarius8 more rows•24 Sep 2018

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