Question: How do I start Yukari confidant?

Just like in the previous versions of the game, Yukari is an available Social Link. However, if the player chose the female protagonist, there are no requirements to start her Social Link. The Social Link starts when the player talks to her in the classroom on or after April 28th.

How do I start a Sun Social Link?

The Social Link is initiated by the protagonist speaking to Akinari on a Sunday (the only day he is available) at Naganaki Shrine, speaking to Koromaru in the dorm after he has joined SEES, receiving Akinaris red fountain pen from him, then returning the pen to Akinari.

How do I start Sun Arcana p3?

In order to start this social link you must have LV. 4 Knowledge and the Red Fountain Pen which you get by talking to Korumaru on August 9th or later. The first day this social link is available is on September 6th, afterwards on Sundays at the Shrine.

How do I get Maiko social link?

To begin the social link, the protagonist must first bring her a Weird Takoyaki and a Mad Bull. The Weird Takoyaki can be bought for ¥400 at the Iwatodai strip mall takoyaki stand Octopia and the Mad Bull can be bought for ¥120 from any of the vending machines at the Dormitory.

When can you start Shinjiro social link?

September 7th The protagonist can start Shinjiros Social Link on September 7th. He can be found at night in the lounge of Iwatodai Dormitory. Shinjiros Social Link does not require any Social Link points to keep ranking him up.

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