Question: What makes an Afghani woman a good bride?

Chicken. Afghani chicken or Murgh Afghani is a classic example of one of the most famous dishes of Afghanistan.

What do Afghan brides wear?

The guests at an Afghan wedding tend to wear new clothing with traditional forms. The female guests wear all their finery and jewels. Brides traditionally wear red or green clothing, although many modern brides wear white dresses based on Western fashions.

What is a typical Afghan meal?

Other Afghan food itemsAfghan Kofta (meatball)Afghan Kaddu Buranee (sweet pumpkins)Afghan salad.Afghani burger.Ashak (vegetable and chive-filled dumplings topped with tomato and yogurt sauces)Aush (hand-made noodles)Bichak (small turnovers with various fillings, including potato and herbs, or ground meat)More items

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