Question: Should I put my height Bumble?

We wont judge you for your height, well judge you for your lack of discretion about your height. The height badge alone will see you getting 50% more matches.

Should you put height in dating profile?

Its perfectly fine to limit your dating pool based on height if that really matters to you, says Rachel Wright, a sex and relationship therapist. Thats OK — own it,” she says. “And if you dont care, own that, too. Theres no right or wrong here, just whats best for you.”

Should I mention my height on tinder?

On American Tinder and UK dating apps like The League, entering your height during profile building is mandatory. And on old-school dating websites, height is a completely natural criteria to insert. Frankly, most Tinder bios are so dispiritingly bland, a factoid might pep them up a little.

Should I put my height on Bumble if im short?

On your dating apps, set your height to the max square footage that the given app will allow if youre on the shorter or average side. And if youre super tall, set it the minimum square footage the app will allow. This is going to confuse some of your potential matches, but that can actually be a good thing.

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