Question: What was the population of Germiston in 2001?

(2001) 139,721.

Is Germiston a rural or urban area?

Germiston is one of the larger suburbs situated within the sprawling East Rand of the Gauteng province. This has led many people to consider the destination a town or tiny city within a larger expansive urban environment. It lies within the jurisdiction of the City of Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality.

Is it safe to live in Johannesburg?

While the media has a tendency to sensationalise and people often do exaggerate about the levels of safety in Johannesburg, crime is a fairly common occurrence and is a cause for caution. Most violent and sexual crimes in the city happen in impoverished areas that the majority of expats will never venture into.

Which is the most expensive suburb in Gauteng?

Lightstone lists Blair Atholl as the most expensive suburb with an average house price of R11. 2 million, followed by Westcliff (R10. 5 million), Dunkeld (R9.

What is a good salary in Johannesburg?

Richest and poorest cities “Johannesburg is South Africas highest-earning city, with an average income of R447,857 per year,” it said.

Is Bedfordview safe?

Bedfordview is a sprawling town in western Ekurhuleni. While it overlooks the bustling Sandton municipality, it has none of the traffic congestion and is considered to be a safe and pleasant place to live.

In which town is Bedfordview?

Bedfordview is an affluent suburb in western Ekurhuleni, sharing an administrative boundary with the City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality, Gauteng, South Africa. Bedfordview has been part of the City of Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality since 2000.

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