Question: How does the compatibility wheel work on eHarmony?

The Compatibility Score displayed between you and your matches indicates how compatible you are with them. Compatibility Scores are based on a balanced ratio of similarities and contrasts that are the result of the Compatibility Quiz that all members complete upon registration.

How does the eHarmony compatibility score work?

Our compatibility points system, which range from 60 to 140, are based on you and your matches combined Compatibility Quiz results and preferences. Overall it will indicate how well you and any one of your matches will get along.

What does by compatibility level mean on eHarmony?

As a general rule, we propose members with whom you can complement each other well: A balanced measure of similarities, but also of complementary characteristics, is the key to a long-term partnership.

Why are the pictures blurred on eharmony?

If you notice that all the pictures are blurred, this is because you can only see your matches and their profiles before upgrading to a paid account. All photos will be blurred (which we do on all of our reviews anyways, so thanks for the help eHarmony). Start a Free Trial Account Now!

What is considered a good compatibility score on eHarmony?

In total, there are between 60 and 140 possible compatibility points. This is what the they mean in detail: 100 is a good starting point for a match. Take a closer look at the profile and if you like them, send a smile or an icebreaker to start a conversation.

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