Question: Is there a dating site for people with chronic illnesses?

Think you want to share your chronic illness with others on dating websites? There are dating sites, such as,, and, that cater to people with chronic medical and mental health conditions.

How do you explain CFS to a friend?

Instead of saying “I know how you feel. I have a lot of the same symptoms as you,” keep your comments constructive and caring such as “Im sorry that youre feeling so poorly.” Be as understanding and kind as you can, reassuring the person with ME/CFS of your love and support.

How can I help someone with chronic fatigue?

Here are ways to help your loved one with chronic fatigue symptoms and provide chronic fatigue support:Learn all you can about the condition. “Education is a big deal,” Papernik says. Be supportive and open. See to your own needs. Be flexible. Look for less strenuous activities to do together. Get outside support.4 Mar 2010

What is the main cause of fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia is often triggered by a stressful event, including physical stress or emotional (psychological) stress. Possible triggers for the condition include: an injury. a viral infection.

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