Question: How do I delete my b2 account?

To cancel your B2 account, first, you must delete all buckets on the account. In order to delete a bucket, all files must be removed first. If you are using our Web UI to delete files, go to the Browse Files page. There, select all files and folders and then click to the Delete button.

How do I delete my B2 profile?

Registered users can delete their b2-online user accounts. To delete your account, select the “Delete User Account” check box in the form on the “Change User Account” page after login, and then click the “Change” button.

What is B2 in Linux?

Usage. Once you have the b2 command-line tool installed, you can type b2 on the command-line to see all of the options. If you see a message like b2: Permission denied on OSX or Linux, its because we need to set the executable bit on the file with the command: chmod +x b2.

How do I cancel Backblaze?

How to cancel BackblazeClick on the “Preferences” link on the left hand side.Locate the unwanted backup from the list of computers.Click the “Delete Computer” link next to it. Click on “Overview” link in the upper left hand navigation.In the Unused License area, click the Delete link and proceed with the deletion.

How do you use B2 Backblaze?

12 B2 Power Tips for New Users Drag and Drop Files to B2. Share Files You Have in B2. Use B2 Just Like Any Other Drive. Drag and Drop To and From B2 from the Desktop, Too. Determine the Speed of your Connection to B2. No Matter What Type of Data you Have, B2 Can Handle It. Get Your Files from B2 by Mail.More items •Jan 3, 2018

Is B2 free?

B2 Cloud Storage is ready-access, S3 compatible cloud storage that is incredibly affordable, cost predictable, and has no hidden fees. This is calculated once a day based on the average storage of the previous 24 hours. The first 10 GB of storage is free.

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