Question: Whats the name of Akons new city?

R&B artist Akon has yet to come anywhere close to realizing his ambitious vision for a “futuristic” city powered by a cryptocurrency called “Akoin” and built on land given to him by the Senegalese government.

Where is the city that Akon is building?

Senegal 6, 2019. The artist has announced plans for a futuristic Akon City to be built in Mbodiène, Senegal.

Who is funding Akon City?

Of the $6-billion-dollar budget, $4 billion has been secured from investors, including Kenyan businessman Julius Mwale, said Paul Martin, director of the project at KE International, an engineering and infrastructure consulting firm.

Where will Akon City be located in Senegal?

Mbodiène Location. It will be located on 800-hectare (2,000 acres) of land in the coastal village of Mbodiène, 62 miles from Dakar, near the Léopold Sédar Senghor International Airport. The exact location where the proposed 1 square mile of land given to Akon has not been determined yet.

Who gave Akon 6 billion dollars?

The singer was gifted 2,000 acres of land by Senegalese President Macky Sall to build the ambitious city. Akon also said he has raised part of the $6 billion required to do so through unnamed investors.

Where Did Akon get his money?

Although the money he has earned through his work in the music industry has contributed to the majority of his personal net worth of $80 million, this is not the only way that Akon has earned money. In February 2007, he launched his own clothing line, called Konvict Clothing.

How much is Akon worth in 2020?

Akons Net Worth Is $80 Million (Updated For 2020)

Does Akon own Lady Gaga?

While Lady Gaga was working as a song writer at Interscope Records, Akon recognized her vocal talent and signed her to his own label Kon Live Distribution. In a radio interview (Sway in the Morning) in 2014, Akon was asked about his current involvement with Gaga: Actually I cashed out.

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