Question: How do you date an otaku?

How do you date an otaku guy?

Rules on How to Date an Otaku Guy~Gaming. If you Wernt into gaming before, Try to be now, cause no doubt he will want you to play on the Xbox/PS3 when youre round for a visit. Learn not To get Jealous of Anime/Manga girls. Sad but True. Treat him once and a while. Quotes from @UiNeonskittles (on Twitter)20 Jan 2011

Can you date a anime boy?

An anime character is only in an animated show and its not real which means you can never date one. In short, NO.

Can you fall in love with an anime character?

The rationale behind the ridicule is that it is impossible to be in love with an anime character because of the division between the fictional world and our real one, meaning that we would never be able to actually meet the character, let alone start a relationship with them.

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