Question: What is a BlackBerry PIN?

About the PIN When manufactured, each BlackBerry device is assigned a unique personal identification number (PIN). This allows identification of each BlackBerry and ensures that mail destined for a particular individual is delivered correctly. BlackBerry devices support direct PIN-to-PIN messaging.

How long was a BBM PIN?

PINs need to be 6-8 characters long.

What does it mean to pin something?

to blame someone for something: He tried to pin the mess on his brother, but it didnt work. If you pin hopes or expectations on something, you want that thing to bring success: They pinned their hopes on the new technology.

What does it mean to pin a message on iPhone?

Maskot/Getty Images. You can pin message conversations on an iPhone to the top of the Messages app using the new software update, iOS 14. The Apple Messages app lets you pin up to nine conversations to the top of the app for easy access. Conversations can be pinned or unpinned with just a few taps.

What is Piff Ting?

Piff Ting. Someone who is considered an attractive person.

What is pin example?

The definition of a pin is something small used for holding things together or for support. An example of a pin is what women use to hold their hair in up-do hairstyles. An example of a pin is what you would use to attach a piece of paper to a corkboard.

What is pin simple words?

1 : a small pointed piece of wire with a rounded head used especially for fastening pieces of cloth. 2 : something (as an ornament or badge) fastened to the clothing by a pin. 3 : a slender pointed piece (as of wood or metal) usually having the shape of a cylinder used to fasten articles together or in place.

Where do pinned messages go?

When you have important messages that you want to be able to see quickly, use our pin feature. Pinned messages are flagged as special. Pinned messages (and conversations) can be set up so that you see them at the top of your folder.

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