Question: Is there a club for billionaires?

The billionaires club, where the mega-wealthy go to meet each other. If you are rich enough to join, then you dont have to pay to be a member. Last year there were a total of 2,825 billionaires in the world, according to market research firm Wealth-X, the highest number ever.

Is there a secret billionaires club?

The secret group of billionaires who tried to limit the power of labor unions in Californias Prop 32 fight last year has been unmasked. Now a special investigation has revealed a list of billionaires who were connected to the campaign to thwart labor unions in the Golden State.

Who is part of the billionaires club?

Rihanna, seen on the set of a music video in the Bronx on July 11, is estimated to have a fortune of $1.7 billion.

What do you do if you inherit 5 million dollars?

What to Do With a Large InheritanceThink Before You Spend.Pay Off Debts, Dont Incur Them.Make Investing a Priority.Splurge Thoughtfully.Leave Something for Your Heirs or Charity.Dont Rush to Switch Financial Advisors.The Bottom Line.

Has anyone from millionaire Matchmaker married?

One couple, Mitch Berger and Bambi Lashell, did stay together and got married in 2013, however it doesnt appear that theyre still married today. Not only did their love end, but The Millionaire Matchmaker came to an end as well. After 8 seasons, the show ended its run on Bravo.

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