Question: What does mean deal breaker?

What does it mean by deal breaker in a relationship?

Deal-breakers in relationships are the things that will cause you to call it quits — no matter how long youve been together. Some common deal-breakers include a partners stance on having children, a lack of responsibility with money, or a lack of ambition.

What does it mean not a deal breaker?

something that is important enough to you to prevent you from agreeing to something, buying something, etc.: The bathroom is downstairs, but weighed against all the other great features, perhaps that isnt a dealbreaker.

Is it deal breaker or dealbreaker?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdeal‧break‧er, deal breaker /ˈdiːlˌbreɪkə $ -ər/ noun [countable] informal something that makes you decide that you do not want a product, relationship, job etc, because you cannot accept that part of it The benefits package became a dealbreaker in the negotiations.

Is Deal Breaker one word?

Word forms: dealbreakers A dealbreaker is an issue that prevents people from reaching an agreement. Their refusal to change location was a dealbreaker.

What is another word for deal breaker?

What is another word for deal-breaker?bone of contentionsticking pointdeadlockhindranceimpasseimpedimentobstacleobstructionsnaghandicap238 more rows

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