Question: Does Martin make ukuleles?

Martin has been building concert-sized ukes of world-renowned quality since 1925. Smaller than the tenor, but larger than the soprano, the concert ukulele is a well-balanced, easy to play uke, perfect for anyone just starting out.

What is the hardest uke chord?

E major chord The E major chord on ukulele is infamous for being the hardest chord to play on ukulele.

Is Kala made in China?

To my knowledge most of the lower-priced KALA are made in China. If you have not purchased the uke, I would NOT recommend the Satin (the name refers to the finish on the wood). The sound is good and it appears to be a much more expensive ukulele.

Which is better Kala or Makala?

Makala is essentially the budget brand for Kala. Most Makala ukes are targeted towards beginners, while most of Kalas ukuleles are more mid-range instruments, with some higher-end lines. But overall, youre going to pay more for a similar Kala ukulele.

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